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RAINBOW YAWN is a collaboration between musician Deej Dhariwal, of the Wiltshire band Thought Forms (Invada Records) and visual artist Sarah James, born out of an improv performance at Café Kino, Bristol, in November 2018.

The pair create an immersive experience of sight and sound, improvising and reacting to each other to manifest a shared vision through hypnotic, analogue and digital visuals performed in real time with guitar and synth driven sonic soundscapes.

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Lost & Grounded Brewery, Bristol

February 2020 

Ink, acetate, USB microscope, digital effects

IMAX Cinema for Simple Things Festival, Bristol

October 2019

Ink, acetate, USB microscope, liquid light, digital effects

The Cube, Bristol

February 2019

Ink, acetate, USB microscope, digital projections and effects

Cafe Kino, Bristol

November 2018,

Liquid light, ink, acetate, refraction, Over Head Projector

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