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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sarah James is a visual artist based in Bristol, UK. Her background lies in graphic design and photography, graduating from University of Westminster in 2007. Her work includes live visuals; responding to sound in real time to create hypnotic and immersive audio visual experiences. Sarah takes inspiration from the interconnectedness of patterns and textures in the natural world, reinterpreting them using a variety of digital and analogue techniques as well as influence from experimental and expanded film, video and abstract artforms. 


Sarah's work also encompasses photography, music video, film and design.



19/09/21          The Reverse Engineer, live visuals: Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh

20/06/21          Harpoon, live visuals: The Lanes, Bristol



28/10/20          'The Piano' (month long residency + performance), live visuals w/ Manu Maunganidze (sculpture + concept), Yas Clarke                                  (sound design), Joe Evans (sound design): Strange Brew Bristol

15/09/20          Iceman Furniss Quartet, live visuals: The Lanes, Bristol

12/04/20          Viridian Ensemble live visuals w/Laura Phillips: S X H W X O 1: The Crofters Rights, Bristol    CANCELLED

28/02/20          RAINBOW YAWN + Thought Forms DJ Set: Lost and Grounded Brewery, Bristol

01/02/20          EP/64 ft Ben Vince, GERM 3(D), live visuals: The Island, Bristol


16/11/19          Guy Metcalfe, live visuals: The Cube Microplex, Bristol

09/11/19          Live visual installation: Lost & Grounded Brewery, Bristol

18/10/19          RAINBOW YAWN - Simple Things Festival Opening w/ William Basinski: Bristol IMAX

22/06/19          RAINBOW YAWN, Toilet Fest 2019: Dan Johnson's toilet, Bristol

28/02/19          RAINBOW YAWN - Frenz Vs. Fire Fundraiser w/ EP/64, Marcy, Frank & Beans, Fat Paul DJ: The Exchange, Bristol

01/02/19          RAINBOW YAWN - w/ Alexander Tucker + Shiver: The Cube Microplex, Bristol


15/12/18          EP/64, live visual collaboration with Laura Phillips: The Brunswick Club, Bristol

15/11/18          RAINBOW YAWN - Silencio. An evening of ambient music: Cafe Kino, Bristol

15/09/18          EP/64, live visuals: The Crofters Rights, Bristol

27/10/18          Totality Fuckery Witchcraft Halloween All Dayer, live visuals: The Old England, Bristol 

12/05/18          Thought Forms + Stereocilia + Vena Cava, live visuals: The Lexington, London 

23/02/18          BURL + PUSS, live visuals: The Old England, Bristol

22/02/18          Jim Ghedi + dbh + Agathe Max, live visuals: Cafe Kino, Bristol


25/11/17          Stereocilia Album Launch w/ EP/64, live visuals w/ Becca Lewis: The Cube Microplex, Bristol

17/11/17          Dubi Dolczek Album Launch w/ Paddy Steer, live visuals w/ Becca Lewis: All Hallows Hall, Bristol

04/11/17          Ocean Floor Album Launch, live visuals: The Cube Microplex, Bristol

07/10/17          EP/64 Album Launch, live visuals: Roll for the Soul, Bristol

06/10/17          Colin Webster/Graham Dunning Duo + COIMS + Winter Ghost + Adi, live visuals w/ Becca Lewis: The Old England Bristol

03/08/17          EP/64, live visuals: The Crypt, Bristol

30/07/17          Bloom presents Cloudshoes, EP/64, PonPon and Lot Grundy, live visuals w/ STILL JAM: The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol


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