Live visual performances, produced and performed in real time to create hypnotic and abstract worlds as a response and manifestation of sound. Using a variety of analogue and digital techniques.


A full list of upcoming and past live performances is included on my 'About' page



June 2021, The Lanes, Bristol

USB microscope, bark, fungi, sea shells, digital effects



The Piano 

1 month residency + performance, October 2020, Strange Brew, Bristol

Sarah James - Live visuals (video, USB microscope, piano strings + keys, digital effects) 

Manu Maunganidze - Sculpture + concept,

Yas Clarke + Joe Evans - Sound design




February 2020, Lost & Grounded Brewery, Bristol

Ink, acetate, USB microscope, digital effects



Guy Metcalfe

November 2019, The Cube

Digital projection, ink, acetate, USB Microscope, refraction's,  digital effects



Lost & Grounded Brewery, Taproom opening

November 2019

Liquid light, 35mm photographic slides, ink & acetate, digital projections


October 2019, IMAX Cinema for Simple Things Festival

Ink, acetate, USB microscope, liquid light, digital effects


Reidy Scott Duo

August 2019, The Cube

Ink, acetate, USB Microscope, digital effects and projection


February 2019, The Cube

Ink, acetate, USB microscope, digital projections and effects

EP/64 #32

November 2018, The Crofters Rights
Photography by

Moire effects on acetate, refraction, Over Head Projector